It’s no secret that Australia is regularly praised for being one of the most open, welcoming and tolerant nations on the planet.  In-fact, the United Nations and the OECD have Australia in the top two nations for tolerance.  This tolerance to multiculturalism and acceptance of other beliefs and ways of life are what has helped Australia move from it’s shady past to become one of the worlds true advocates for freedom.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom of ideas.  And freedom for people.  But, there is a very small minority of Australian’s who are hell bent on wrecking it for everyone and destroying our great nation.  A nation that is envy of the world.

This website features unedited screenshots of homophobic, racist, offensive and xenophobic Facebook and Twitter posts.  It is designed to spread awareness of the disgusting idiocy around the world.  If you have a screenshot that you would like us to publish please send us an unedited copy with a link.  Our email is aussiesforfreedom2013@gmail.com.

If you feature on this website you can ask really nicely for a screenshot to be taken down by emailing us.  That is if you are truly sorry for what you have said.

There are two admins on this website.

Admin 1 is a white, female Liberal supporter who is for Gay marriage and is anti racist.  She does believe in Climate Change but doesn’t think a Carbon Tax is the way to go.  In-fact she believes China and the United States should be leading the world not Australia.

Admin 2 is a swinging voter who admittedly voted for the Libs in the QLD election but won’t vote for the Libs in a Federal election if Abbott is in power.  His preferred PM is Kevin Rudd.  He dislikes Gillard with a passion and thinks the Greens would destroy Australia.  Thankfully, he thinks the same about racists, xenophobes, homophobes and just general bogans.

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  1. mindmadeup
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 05:03:54

    Cool blog… We’ve got a billion sources for our website, but may just be taking some content from yours.

    Feel free to re-publish the stuff we’ve re-published at our website here!



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