I’m a staunch monarchist, conservative and traditionalist.  I will defend our flag to the death and I will defend things like Australia Day.  But, I’ve been disappointed to see that racists have hijacked our flag and things like Christmas and Australia Day.  It’s disappointing for me because I believe that Australia is great, not because we’re an incredibly wealthy country, not because we’re one of the longest running continuing democracies in the world and not because Sydney has the most badass double decker trains.  No.   Because Australia is a land where people of all cultures can live in prosperity and happiness.  But even though things are actually pretty rosy, there are still racists who want to damage Australia’s harmony.

A hoax that Julia Gillard wants to turn Australia Day into ‘Citizenship Day’ has been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time.  But now there is a new twist:


This post actually had people fooled…


status 1

status 2

status 4

status 5

status 6

status 7

status 8

status 9

status 11

status 12

status 13



the second status

2 nd status 1

2nd status 2

And we have Kim Vuga, a Townsville student who works at the Townsville Hospital.

kim 2