you said it...

Some pockets of bogot lowlife trash are celebrating tonight after firmly believing that their burqa stunt in Sydney has proved a point – that people just don’t know who is under a burqa.

Well no shit.

We’ve been through this burqa conversation a million times, but here goes again – this time we’ll keep it brief:

* If balaclavas have been banned in banks, how come bank robbers still choose to wear them while robbing banks?

* If burqas can hide bombs, how come there have been no burqa related suicide bomb attempts or successes in Australia, ever?

* If cargo pants can hide deadly weapons, how come these aren’t banned?

* If burqas oppress women, how does limiting their freedom to dress liberate them?

* If a woman is forced to wear a burqa by her oppressive husband, how is it liberating for them to ban burqas in public?…

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