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you said it...

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I wonder how the police feel about Andrew Laming’s attempt to further inflame this situation. He may be gagged and asked to retract this statement by Tony Abbott at some stage, but as things go here, it is now immortalised.

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we dunt wont no imigrants


I’m a staunch monarchist, conservative and traditionalist.  I will defend our flag to the death and I will defend things like Australia Day.  But, I’ve been disappointed to see that racists have hijacked our flag and things like Christmas and Australia Day.  It’s disappointing for me because I believe that Australia is great, not because we’re an incredibly wealthy country, not because we’re one of the longest running continuing democracies in the world and not because Sydney has the most badass double decker trains.  No.   Because Australia is a land where people of all cultures can live in prosperity and happiness.  But even though things are actually pretty rosy, there are still racists who want to damage Australia’s harmony.

A hoax that Julia Gillard wants to turn Australia Day into ‘Citizenship Day’ has been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time.  But now there is a new twist:


This post actually had people fooled…


status 1

status 2

status 4

status 5

status 6

status 7

status 8

status 9

status 11

status 12

status 13



the second status

2 nd status 1

2nd status 2

And we have Kim Vuga, a Townsville student who works at the Townsville Hospital.

kim 2




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you said it...

According to the film, The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg conceived and founded Facebook largely as a result of being rejected by his girlfriend at the time.

So perhaps we must ask ourselves whether Facebook is merely a gigantic pervasive adolescent frat-boy fantasy theme park based on the need for acceptance and the need for the socially anxious to hang with the cool people and become awesome (and score women of course)

Adolescents are in the process of becoming adults. As part of that process they exhibit a number of characteristics, many of which are irritating to the real adults in their lives.

  • unrealistic expectations
  • pre-occupation with self – everyone is like me
  • preoccupation with image
  • overwhelming desire for acceptance
  • black and white thinking
  • impulsivity

However in the real world, in order to survive, adolescents need to grow up.

Unrealistic expectations

We are told that Facebook has a physical workforce at…

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NSW Police allow racist comments on FB page


Last night the ugly head of domestic violence reared it’s head in Bankstown and sadly a multitude of police officers doing what is a very hard job were injured.

The NSW Police Force posted the following status on their Facebook page:

nsw police

The post did not name any ethnicity at all, but as predicted, violent and bigoted and racist comments ensued by a large amount of people assuming that the perpetrators were Arab.  Because only Arabs commit crimes in this city, and white people don’t ever hit strangers, riot and stab people or kill police officers. Or anything bad like that, because in their mind, we’re a peaceful race.  Right..

Here are some screen grabs of bigoted and racist comments, that are prejudicial, that NSW Police have deemed to be law abiding enough to not be moderated out of the page.












edit this one

Best wishes for the recovering police officers!




And finally after two hours we get this:


Megan Byron from Ayr in Queensland

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Megan  is a high school dropout from the little Queensland town of Ayr.  At least she has a trade, she is a painter (so to be fair the high school dropout tag shouldn’t be an insult), but she needs to be educated on how being a racist could damage her career.

Screenshot_2012-11-21-19-30-32 Screenshot_2012-11-21-19-31-01

Sunrise really needs to moderate

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Breakfast TV show Sunrise may have some of the most ignorant, homophobic, xenophobic and racist viewers in Australia which is evident in the comments that they get on their Facebook Page.

On Thursday 12th April the Sunrise Page said the following:

Friday: Out of control teens – is bootcamp the answer? Angry Anderson will tell us why he thinks it is. Our Big Guns of Politics debate the week’s hot topics. Plus, Brian McFadden performs two songs and we’ll hear some big news from The Avengers star Chris Hemsworth.

And it was only a matter of time before someone blamed out of control teens on multiculturalism…

See more of this at the Sunrise Page.

Gayle’s at it again

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You might remember Gayle , well she’s at it again.  This time spewing hate towards gays…

And Wendy should do a little research before expressing her ignorant and uneducated hate.

Gayle’s profile

Wendy’s profile

Aaron Taylor – The next Adam Sandler?

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Aarons profile

You know Nauti, the word ‘abo’ is as offensive in this country as the word ‘nigger’.

Nauti’s profile

Jack Rutherford fu%$up Number 2

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Yes, Jack just posted a picture of him or one of his mates getting stoned…

If you doubt that they’re smoking pot read the comments on the picture.  I CBF posting them all on here, there heaps.  

Jacks piccy

LNP Member posts pic of ‘attempted assassination’ of PM

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Craig Kelly, the LNP Member of Parliment for the seat of Hughes has re-produced one of the more pathetic political cartoons.   It shows a group of people in a car shooting at a house which they believe is the residence of the PM Julia Gillard.  To even joke about the recent shootings in Sydney is low, but to say that the criminals are trying to assassinate the PM of Australia is an incredibly pathetic attempt to politicize something serious.  Also, being a recent LNP voter, I’m incredibly disappointed with this.

Craig’s Facebook profile

The picture

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